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Selected Papers and Chapters on Social Security:

"Public Policies Toward Older Women in an Aging Society." 2011. The Journal. AARP.

"A Global Perspective on Old Age Security Systems." 2012. in Encyclopedia of Global Studies. ed. H. Anheier, V. Faessel, M. Juergensmeyer, New York: Sage Publications (forthcoming).

"Gender Issues in NDC Systems". 2012. in Conference Volume on Non-Financial Defined Contribution (NDC) Systems. ed. R. Holzmann and E. Palmer. World Bank (forthcoming).

"Impact of Social Security Reform on Labor Force Participation Rates of Pensioners and Non-Pensioners: Evidence from Chile." 2010. Journal of Human Capital. 4(2). (Co-author A.C. Edwards).

"The Impact of Private Participation and Countervailing Information on Disability Costs: Evidence from Chile." 2009. Journal of Pension Economics and Finance (Co-authors A. C. Edwards and A. Iglesias).

"Disability Insurance with Pre-funding and Private Participation: the Chilean Model." 2008. in Funded Systems: Their Role in Solving the Pension Problem. FIAP. Santiago, Chile. (Longer versions available as World Bank Social Protectioin Discussion Paper 0801 and MRRC Working Paper 2006-111) (Co-author A. Iglesias).

"The Gender Impact of Social Security Reform in Latin America. in "Lessons on Pension Reform in the Americas." ed. S. Kay and T. Sinha. New York: Oxford University Press. 2007 ( co-authors Alejandra Cox Edwards and Rebeca Wong).

"The Payout Stage in Chile: Who Annuitizes and Why?" Journal of Pension Economics and Finance, 2006 (co-authors Guillermo Martinez and Augusto Iglesias).

"Financial Challenges Facing Baby Boomer Women" in The Age Explosion: Baby Boomers and Beyond. Harvard University Press, 2003.

"The Gender Impact of Pension Reform." Journal of Pension Economics and Finance, 2003 (co-authors Alejandra Cox Edwards and Rebecca Wong).

"The Annuity Market in India: What are the Key Public Policy Issues?" in Rethinking Pension Provision for India, ed. Anand Bordia and Gautam Bhardwaj, New Delhi; Tata McGraw-Hill Publishing Company, 2003 (co-author Renuka Sane)

"How Can China Solve its Old Age Security Problem? The Interaction Between Pension, SOE and Financial Market Reform." Journal of Pension Economics and Finance, 2002.

"Reforming Social Security in the US: An International Perspective." Business Economics, 2001.

"Annuities Markets in Comparative Perspective: do Consumers get their Money's Worth?" in Private Pensions Systems: Administrative Costs and Reforms, Paris: OECD, 2001 (co-author Dimitri Vittas).

"Annuities Markets Around the World: Money’s Worth and Risk Intermediation," CeRP Working Paper No. 16/01 (co-authors X. Song and D. Vittas).

"Administrative Costs and the Organization of Individual Account Systems: A Comparative Perspective," in New Ideas About Old Age Security, ed. R. Holzmann and J. Stiglitz, Washington DC: World Bank, 2001 (co-authors J. Smalhout, D. Vittas); revised version published in Private Pensions Systems: Administrative Costs and Reforms, Paris: OECD, 2001.

"Political Economy of Structural Pension Reform," in New Ideas About Old Age Security, ed. R. Holzmann and J. Stiglitz, Washington DC: World Bank, 2001 (co-author S. Brooks)

"Old Age Protection for the Uninsured: What Are the Issues?" in Shielding the Poor, ed. N. Lustig, IDB and Brooking Institution Press, 2000.

"Mutual Funds and Institutional Investments: What is the Most Efficient Way to Set Up Individual Accounts in A Social Security System?" in Administrative Costs and Social Security Privatization, ed. J. Shoven, University of Chicago Press, 2000; also available as NBER Working Paper No. 7049, 1999 (co-authors G. Ferrier, J. Smalhout, D. Vittas).

"The Political Economy of Social Security Reform: A Cross-Country Review," Annals of Public and Cooperative Economics, 69, 4, 1998.

"New Models for Old Age Security: Experiments, Evidence and Unanswered Questions," World Bank Research Observer, 13, 2, 1998; reprinted in Fighting Poverty: Caring for Children, Parents, and the Elderly, ed. S. Ringen and P. de Jong, ISSA, Ashgate, UK & US.

"Pension Reform in Latin America: Is There An Efficiency-Equity Trade-Off?" in Beyond Trade-offs: Market Reforms and Equitable Growth in Latin America, ed. N. Birdsall, C. Graham and R. Sabot, IDB and Brookings Press, Washington DC, 1998.

"Providing Better Protection and Promoting Growth: A Defense of Averting the Old Age Crisis," ISSA Review, 1996.

"Mandatory Saving Plans: Are They the Answer to the Old Age Problem?" in Private Pensions in International Perspective, eds. O. Mitchell and J. Turner, University of Pennsylvania Press, 1996, (co-author D. Vittas); reprinted in Foundations of Pension Finance, ed. Z. Bodie and E. P. Davis, E. Elgar, 1999.


Recent Working Papers and Notes on Social Security:

"Mandatory Disability Insurance, What are the Issues, What are Countries Doiong and How Can They Do Better?" 2011. Prepared for the World Bank.

"Work Disincentives for Women in Old Age Security Systems and How to Ameliorate Them." 2010. World Bank Discussion Paper.

"Rethinking Survivor Benefits." 2010. World Bank Social Protection Discussion Paper 0928.

"Chile's New Pension Reforms." 2010. NCPA Policy report No. 32. (Co-authors A.C. Edwards and A. Iglesias).

“Crowd-out, Adverse Selection and Information in Annuity Markets: Evidence from a New Retrospective Data Set in Chile” MRRC Working Paper 2006-147 (UM06-19). 2006 (co-author Alejandra Cox Edwards).

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