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Other Papers and Chapters:

"Jimmy Hoffa: Labor Hero or Labor's Own Foe?" in Labor Leaders in America, eds. M. Dubofsky & W. Van Tine, University of Illinois Press, 1987.

"On Managerial Rewards and Self-Selection for Risk-Taking in Public Enterprises," Journal of Comparative Economics, 1979 (co-author E. Neuberger).

"Income and Employment Effects of Women's Liberation," in Sex, Discrimination and the Division of Labor, ed. C. Lloyd, Columbia Press, 1975.

"A Note on Uncertainty and the Evaluation of Public Investment Decisions," American Economic Review, 1975.

"Optimal Polution Control and Trade in Collective Goods," Journal of Public Economics, 1974.

"The Yugoslav Self-Managed Enterprise--A Systemic Approach," Plan and Market, ed. M. Bornstein, Yale University Press, 1973 (co-author E. Neuberger).

"Joint Products, Collective Goods and External Effects: Comment," Journal of Political Economy, 1971.

"On the Social Rate of Discount: Comment," American Economic Review, 1969.

"Hoffa and the Teamster Pension Fund," The Bankers Magazine, 1967 (co-author: R. James).

"The Purge of the Trotskyites from the Teamsters," Western Political Quarterly, 1966 (co-author: R. James).

"Hoffa's Impact on Teamster Wages," Industrial Relations, 1964 (co-author: R. James).

"Hoffa's Leverage Techniques in Bargaining," Industrial Relations, 1963 (co-author: R. James).

"Hoffa's Acquisition of Industrial Power," Industrial Relations, May 1963 (co-author: R. James).

"The Disputed Role of the Stock Exchange Specialist," Harvard Business Review, 1962; and "Reply," 1962 (co-author: R. James).

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