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Selected Papers and Chapters on Education:

"Finance, Management and Costs of Public and Private Schools in Indonesia," Economics of Education Review, 15, 4 1996 (co-authors E. King and A. Suriyadi).

"The Public-Private Division of Responsibility for Education," in The International Encyclopedia of Education, Economics of Education Section, 2nd ed., ed. T. Husen and T.N. Postlethwaite, Pergamon Press, 1994.

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"Efficiency and Equity in Social Spending: How and Why Governments Misbehave," in Including the Poor, ed. M. Lipton and J. van der Gaag, World Bank, 1993 (co-author: N. Birdsall).

"College Choice, Academic Achievement and Future Earnings," in Essays on the Economics of Education, ed. E. Hoffman, Upjohn Institute, 1993 (co-author N. Alsalom).

"Private Higher Education: the Philippines as a Prototype," Higher Education, 21, 1991.

"Education in Australia: Limited Privatization with Redistributive Subsidies," in Privatization and its Alternatives, ed. W. Gormley, University of Wisconsin Press, 1991.

"Public Policies Toward Private Education," International Journal of Educational Research, 15, 1991.

"The Economics of Public versus Private Schools," in International Encyclopedia of Education: Research and Studies, Supplementary Volume 2, ed. T. Husen and T.N. Postlethwaite, Pergamon Press, 1990.

"College Quality and Future Earnings or: Where should You Send Your Child to College?" American Economic Review, 79, 1989 (co-author N. Alsalom).

"Public & Private Schools & Educational Opportunity in Japan", in Schooling in Japan and the U.S.: Comparative Perspectives, ed. J. Shields, Penn State Press, 1989 (co-author G. Benjamin).

"Educational Distribution and Redistribution Through Education in Japan," Journal of Human Resources, 22, No. 4, 1987 (co-author G. Benjamin).

"The Public/Private Division of Responsibility for Education: An Internation-al Comparison," Economics of Education Review, 6, 1, 1987; reprinted in Comparing Public and Private Schools, I, ed. T. James and H. Levin, Falmer Press, 1987.

"The Private Nonprofit Provision of Education: A Theoretical Model and Application to Japan," Journal of Comparative Economics, 10, 1986; reprinted in The Nonprofit Sector in International Perspective: Studies in Comparative Culture and Policy, ed. E. James, Oxford University Press, 1989.

"Cross Subsidization in Higher Education: Does It Pervert Private Choice and Public Policy?" in Private Education: Studies in Choice and Public Policy, ed. D. Levy, Oxford University Press, 1986.

"Benefits and Costs of Privatized Public Services: Lessons from the Dutch Educational System," Comparative Education Review, 28, 4, 1984. Expanded versions reprinted in Private Education: Studies in Choice and Public Policy, ed. D. Levy, Oxford University Press, 1986 and Private Schools in Ten Countries: Policy and Practice ed. G. Walford, R. and K. Paul, 1988.

"The Academic Department as a Non-Profit Labor Cooperative," Public Choice, 1981; reprinted in Collective Choice in Education, ed. M.J. Bowman, M. Nijhoff, 1981 (co-author E. Neuberger).

"Cost, Benefit and Envy: Alternative Measures of the Redistributive Effects of Higher Education," in Subsidies to Higher Education, ed. H. Tuckman and E. Whalen, Praeger, 1980.

"Product Mix and Cost Disaggregation: A Reinterpretation of the Economics of Higher Education," Journal of Human Resources, 1978.

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