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Welcome to the Powerpoint Presentations section of the Official Website of Estelle James. Featured here are some of Dr. James' presentations from around the world, addressing social security reform, multi-pillar systems, and related topics. They are listed here by title. Feel free to download these presentations for later viewing by right-clicking on the presentation title (PC) or click-and-holding your mouse button on the title (Mac) and saving them to your hard drive.

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Presented at MRRC Workshop, 2011
Presented at World Bank pension course, 2011
Presented at World Bank pension course, 2011
Presented at World Bank, 2010
Presented at Michigan Retirement Research Consortium Workshop, 2010
Presented at Women and Pensions Workshop, Paris, 2010
Presented at Conference on NDC plans, Stockholm, 2009
Presented at AEI, November, 2009
Presented at World Bank core course on pensions, Washington D.C.
November, 2007
Issues in Disability Insurance
Presented at the OECD, Paris
October, 2007
The Impact of Private Participation on Disability Costs: Evidence from Chile
Presented at the Michigan Retirement Research Consortium, Ann Arbor, MI
April, 2007
Crowd-out, Adverse Selection and Information in Annuity Markets: Evidence fromt he Payout Phase of Chilean DC Plan
Presented at World Bank Human Development Week, Washington D.C.
November, 2006
Payout Polices and Choices in Chile (and Some Camparisons)
Presented at the Pensions Conference of the Irish Insurance Federation, Dublin
November, 2006
What Other Countries Have Done: Issues for Government and Providers
Presented at the OECD, Paris
October, 2006
Did the Chilean Pension Reform Postpone Retirement
Presented at University of Lund Pensions Conference, Lund
September, 2006
The Gender Impact of Pension Reform — What Is It and Why?
Presented at World Bank core course on pensions, Washington D.C.
November, 2005
Annuity Markets and Policy Issues in Reformed Social Security Systems
Presented at annual conference of the Federacion Internacional de Administradoras de Fondos de Pensiones-FIAP, Cartagena, Colombia
May, 2005
The Pillars of Old Age Security: How are they working?
Presented at CSIS conference, Washington D.C.
June, 2005
A Centrist Solution to Social Security's Problems
Presented at at NBER Social Security Workshop, Cambridge Mass
July, 2005
Do Individual Accounts Postpone Retirement? Evidence from Chile
Presented at The University of Maryland
January, 2005
How to Solve Social Security's Problems in the US
Presented at World Bank Video Conference
December, 2004
Administrative Costs—How to Compare Them and Control Them
Presented at a Hill briefing set up by NCPA
December, 2004
Design Features of an IA System: What Can We Learn from other Countries?
Presented at Board of Central Provident Fund
June, 2004
Payout Choices in Chile—and Comparisons with Singapore
Presented at Singapore Council of Women's Organizations
June, 2004
The Payout Stage in Singapore and Chile—and Implications
for Older Women
Presented at USAID workshop
Jakarta — June, 2004
Reforming Social Security: What can Indonesia learn
from Other Countries?
Presented at World Bank Video Conference
April, 2004
Gender Impact of Social Security Reform
Presented to AEA meetings (co-authors G. Martinez and A. Iglesias)
January, 2004
Payout Choices in Chile: What are they and Why?
Presented at Multi-Pensions Conference
Amsterdam — December, 2003
Who Will Bear the risk of BD Plans and DC Annuities?
Presented at Industrial Relations Research Association
Washington, DC — September 19, 2001
Key Decisions in Constructing a Social Security System that Includes Individual Accounts

Delivered at World Bank Institute Conference on "Designing and Modeling Social Security Reform"
Beijing, China — June 4 - 8, 2001
Basic Principles of Pension Economics
Key Pension Policy Choices: The How's and Why's of Pension Reform
Delivered at World Bank Institute Conference on "Social Security and Pension Reform: Second Generation and Implementation Issues"
Budapest, Hungary — January 22- 30, 2001
Commonalities and Diversities in Multi-Pillar Systems
The Economic Impact of Pension Reform and Its Implementation
Comparative Costs of Individual Account Systems
Annuities Markets and Related Policy Issues
For a Symposium on Social Security at Washington and Lee Law School
Virginia, USA — April 2, 2001
What Can We Learn from Other Countries About the Why's and How's
of an Individual Account System in the US
For a briefing on Capitol Hill set up by the International Society of Actuaries
Washington, DC — May 7, 2001
Criteria for Social Security Reforms — An International Perspective
For the Heritage Foundation Conference on The Crisis in Pension and Health Reform in Europe
Washington, DC — April 26, 2001
Is There a European Pension Crisis — and What Are the Implications for the US?
Delivered at World Bank / Asian Development Bank Conference on Reform of Social Security System and Provident Funds
Rayong, Thailand — September 2000
Criteria for Pension Reform in Thailand
Key Social Security Policy Choices in Thailand
(When) Should Coverage of Social Security Systems Expand?

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